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The Pursuit of Purpose

Uncovering my purpose is something I’ve been trying to do for years. Since I started college, where I spent most of my time wondering what major I should pick because none of them sounded like something for me, I’ve been on the pursuit for my purpose. For the majority of that search, I’ve come to […]

All you need is…

For the longest time, I resisted spirituality at all costs. I was raised Jewish and dipped out as soon as I could, which was right after my bat mitzvah. There were things that happened in my childhood, and ways that I felt constantly, that made me feel like I was forgotten by God. I felt […]

Four Life Lessons I’ve Learned in the Past Month

I also posted this on my instagram, but these lessons have been so impactful to me in the past month, that I wanted to also write a blog post about them. In this post, I can elaborate and allow my words to get across the meaning they truly have had over me, in a way […]

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