I’m a big believer in spirituality, and spiritual laws of the universe, and I also love me some Deepak Chopra. I’m currently on my second read through of The Book of Secrets, which is basically the ten spiritual rules to living your best life. With reading this book, and applying the principles to my life, I’ve noticed that I’m not truly aware of where my energy has been flowing most of the time. I try to be mindful, I try to be aware, but yall, I’m human. I develop bad habits and get stuck in them. I make these habits such a seamless part of my routine that I’m on total autopilot. It isn’t until the action is done that I take a second to look around and wonder what the hell just happened. 

“Whatever I pay attention to will grow” is one of the things I believe to be true about life. I mean, it makes sense. Whatever you put your attention and energy towards, you’re going to make progress on. You’re going to learn more, you’re going to hone your skills, and you’re going to move that needle forward towards your goals. So it got me thinking: Is my energy going towards what I want to grow? And the answer is no.

I spend far too much time on social media. Which is not really all that surprising.

  1. I’m an online mindset coach. I literally market my business, find clients, and network with other coaches all online, specifically on social media.
  2. My other business ideas, including a guided journal and a clothing line, are also online based. For market research, future marketing, and even brand inspiration, I’m on social media. 
  3. I’m a millennial, man! Social media is kind of just what I do. I was growing up during the rise of Facebook, I saw Youtube grow to be the media source it is, and I watched Instagram start to outperform almost every other platform, social media is just part of my life at this point.

Social media is required for my businesses, but not in the way that I use it. Yes, I use it to market and connect, but I also use it to blindly scroll and just consume, consume, consume. It’s such a part of my day that I pick up my phone at the first break in conversation, I pick up my phone in the middle of a conversation, my first reaction in any situation really is to pick up my damn phone. It’s mindless, it’s not related to business, it’s not moving my needle forward, it’s just a bad habit. And it doesn’t even make me feel good! The more I scroll, the more I start to compare myself and my business to everyone else and the more anxious I feel. It’s a lose-lose honestly, and I’m not a fan of it.

In the past two weeks, I’ve been making a conscious effort to lessen my time on social media. Even with launching my current coaching program, which feels less than aligned right now anyways, I’ve been spending less and less time on Instagram and Facebook. The pages I’ve been spending my time on are those that emulate the life I want to live: the astrology pages and the women I view as my spiritual mentors. 

This is because my priorities have straight up changed.

For the first half of this year, I’ve been hyper focused on business. I’ve been pushing so hard to build a successful business so I can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment. There’s been ups and downs, but I’ve always pushed through, and with pretty high levels of anxiety. All I’ve wanted is to find success so I could finally feel worthy, but the more I’ve pushed, the more I‘ve felt pushed away from my goal. Rather than take the time to explore why that is, I’ve brushed it off as fear and I’ve trucked through.

Here we are, nine months into 2020, and I feel a shift. Instead of making six figures in my business being a priority, my own exploration is my priority. Finding my purpose and finding clarity in my path is my priority. Understanding who I am and what I’m really searching for is my priority. Since my priorities have changed, so should my habits. 

This blog was created as the start to my changing habits. I don’t want to live as someone who lives vicariously through someone else on Instagram, I want to live myself. I gave myself something I enjoyed, writing, as an incentive to getting out and doing fun shit again. My growth and my enjoyment is my priority right now in life. And as I was floating on the Gulf of Mexico on a kayak with my dude, I recognized that I felt at total peace. I was flowing with the current, allowing the water to take me where it wanted. I wasn’t stressed, I wasn’t worried, I wasn’t scared, I was just being. That is what I want from life, to just be and experience. My habits, and priorities, are starting to reflect just that.

Scrolling social media isn’t serving me anymore, especially since the scrolling gives me anxiety and comparison-itis. I absolutely can still run a business on social media, I just have to set boundaries for myself. Rather than scroll for a few hours at night with the TV in the background, I can read, meditate, or do some journaling. I can’t just keep giving myself anxiety and procrastinating the things that are actually going to move my needle forward.

Wherever my attention goes, grows. My priorities aren’t to be a boss bitch in order to find some sense of worthiness anymore, my priorities are to grow and finally find my sense of worthiness and peace. And I’m not growing my anxiety or limiting beliefs, I’m growing my awareness, my inner peace, my compassion, and my joy. My actions are going to back that up, starting now.

No social media before 9 am or after 8 pm

Free time being spent on things that will benefit me or make me happy

Less time on pointless shit

More time on growth

Nothing changes unless I do first

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