The Power of…

One of the most powerful forces in the world? A decision decided.

I know, there’s probably about 30 different ways that I could have worded that better, but I specifically went with decision decided. And why? Because it makes the most sense to me.

You make decisions all day long, but how many of them really affect you? How many of those decisions are 100% without a shred of doubt and confident AF?

For the most part, our decisions don’t hold the weight of what it truly means to decide, and the importance of a decision decided is lost. When you decide, you are telling yourself and the universe around you that this is how it is. Not only is this how it is, but you’re committed to making it so. This commitment is what differentiates a decision from a choice. A choice you can always go back and choose again, but a decision? That’s more concrete.

The power of a decision comes from the clear choosing of one over the other, but also in that commitment. That power of commitment tells the universe that even if it doesn’t work out right away, you’re sticking with this path and making it happen. You are confident in the outcome, and you won’t stop until it happens, even if it comes to you in a completely different way than you expected. You’re open to receiving in new ways, but closed to giving up. That’s the power of decision.

When you confidently decide your decision, there’s a clear shift. If you pay close enough attention, you will see and feel your energy and the energy around you actually change after you have decided.

I decided yesterday that I was done allowing myself to self sabotage and I was committed to the path to my true and higher self. Within minutes of that decision, I had more energy. I immediately was called to go outside and read by the lake, and as I was walking to the lake, a butterfly flew in front of me. A butterfly has always been my sign from the universe, and always brings me comfort and relief, and I haven’t seen a butterfly in person in weeks. I felt the butterfly’s absence, I knew that I was sliding back into old habits, and still chose to allow myself to slide.

All it took was the decision to recommit to my journey that brought back the butterfly. That butterfly flew in front of me to gain my attention and sat on a branch right near me for over five minutes. It was a beautiful sign from the universe around me that my decision was supported, and the universe was conspiring to make it happen. The same thing happened this morning with a dragonfly.

Yesterday and today have been the best I’ve felt in almost two weeks. Nothing changed, besides my decision. This shift in energy and signs from the universe happened almost immediately after I decided to recommit, reminding me of the power that my thoughts and actions have over my life.

If you are desperately hoping for a change,

If you are just wishing something would be different,

If you just don’t know what to do next,


Decide to make a change,

Decide to do, think, or act differently,

Decide to experiment with things until you find your next step.

Once you make that decision, the universe shifts everything in your favor

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