What if everything is exactly how it should be?

There are just some all around sucky situations in life, right? Like you get fired, or you get dumped, or you get backstabbed, these are the situations that feel like a knife to the heart, and a knife to your self esteem. You feel awful, and it just sucks, and you’re wondering what the hell you did to deserve this.

But what if this is exactly how it was supposed to happen?

What if that job just wasn’t right for you, but you weren’t going to leave on your own? 

What if that relationship was toxic to you and your growth, but you weren’t going to leave on your own?

What if that friendship was toxic to you and your growth, but you weren’t going to leave on your own?

Sometimes the universe has to do things for you for your own good, even if it sucks at the time.

As people, one of our favorite things is to control everything we possibly can, right? We make our five year plans, we budget our lives to the last penny, and our happiness relies on everyone else falling inline with our perfect plans completely. Unfortunately for us, we have next to no control in this thing called life, just the illusion of it.

Unless you have crazy white hair, a dog named Einstein, a best friend who’s a teenager, and a time traveling delorean, you can’t tell me with any grain of certainty what the future holds. You can’t tell me what’s going to happen five minutes from now, much less five years from now, because you just. Don’t. Know. And it’s nothing against you, you could be the world’s best planner and have the most realistic game plan possible, but the future is unpredictable. Other people are unpredictable. Life is unpredictable. The only thing you really have control over is your thoughts and actions, right at this moment.

Besides being unpredictable, life and people share something else in common: we’re miraculous.

This planet, and the fact that we have made civilization on it, is miraculous. The way that nature all flows together in perfect harmony, with the days and nights and seasons all coming right on time and in the perfect way, is WILD. When you sit here and think about how perfect the natural world is, with the natural food chain and seasons of life, how can you think that the world doesn’t have a perfect plan for you to fit into it?

Us, as living beings, are miraculous. The way the human body works is nothing short of a miracle. Our cells work in perfect harmony, regulation of vitals and our functions, our brains control our thoughts and movements perfectly, and there is a natural cycle of decay and rebirth that is essential to our healthy being. Like, WHAT? Our bodies, our beings, our lives are proof as to how perfectly designed we are. What makes you think that you know better than the world that has birthed you and the world around you?

The society we live in has us so caught up in the shenanigans of a man made world that we have all but forgotten how incredible our world and our own selves are. We are told to constantly stay distracted from ourselves and our needs, and to only think of our output and our economic needs. This distraction has separated you from both yourself and the beauty of this world around you. It’s in this disconnection that you feel fear, that you feel scarcity and that there’s not enough, and that you feel like you’re a big fat failure. It’s how you are supposed to feel in this society.

But I encourage you to disconnect from society and societal expectations instead. In coming back to the connection to yourself and the world around you, you rediscover your power. The power you have over your perspective of situations. The power you have over your responses to these situations. The power you have over your thoughts and actions.

Your power lies in your connection.

When you see the miraculous nature of your own function, and of the world around you, you realize that there are no coincidences. In this world, nothing is by accident and everything is designed to function perfectly, exactly as it should. In reconnecting to yourself and your nature, you realize that you are a part of this miraculous world. This means that nothing that happens to you is by accident, and there are no mistakes and there are no failures.

Because every single circumstance in your life is either exactly what you want, or exactly what you need.

In the undesirable situations of your life, like being dumped or getting fired, you are being called to see that this situation wasn’t meant for you, and the world is trying it’s hardest to guide in the direction you should be going. This will happen whether you like it or not.

When you realize that you are a part of this miraculous world, you can lessen your need for control. You realize that, since everything is exactly how it should be, you know that you are being guided in the direction of your highest good, whatever that looks like. You understand that you are a vital part of this world, placed here and designed to function perfectly and exactly how you should. That means every single circumstance and situation in your life is exactly how it should be, functioning exactly how it should.

With this shift in perception, fear loses its hold over you. There’s nothing to be afraid of, if everything is exactly how it should be.

With this shift in perception, expectations and judgement lose their hold over you. You understand that in your connection to yourself and the world is where your path and your power lie, so who cares what anyone else has to say?????

With this shift in perception, you can see that there is no “bad” situation in your life anymore, only lessons and opportunities to pivot and step in to your perfect direction. There are no personal attacks or generational curses on you, just lessons begging for you to learn them.

So next time you hit a bump in your road, try your best to embrace it. It’s here for a reason.

Feel all of the feelings you are called to feel in the situation. Feel the anger, the disappointment, the frustration, explore them and experience them fully.

Allow them to wash over you and then dissipate on their own. Allow yourself to see that these feelings aren’t evil and they are nothing to fear. They are simply feedback to your thoughts and perceptions of the situation.

Then, simply thank the world for this opportunity. This beautiful opportunity for you to learn what you need to, in order for you to pivot or rise up to your perfect path.

Embrace the valuable lesson that is hidden in every situation. Explore what this lesson could be, and how you can change your thoughts, actions, or beliefs to implement it into your life.

Embrace that, whether you like it or not, everything is always exactly how it should be.

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