About OTM4M

What is On the Move for More?

On the Move for More is my mission in life: awakening as many beautiful souls to the magic and power that they and their lives innately hold.

This brand combines my two passions in life, which are reminding womxn how fucking powerful they are and guiding them through the process of reclaiming that power, and in the process, themselves.

Why On the Move for More? What is more?

I believe that the way that we are currently encouraged to live our lives sets us up for failure. The stress, the strain, the struggle, and the fear you may feel on a regular basis are all more common than you think, and the symptoms of living in a society that believes in a “one size fits all” recipe for success. 

Although it may be the norm in our lives, it is anything but normal.

We are not the sisterhood of the traveling pants, and one size fits all does not work.

This way of living suppresses you of your innate power, magic, and gifts. It encourages you to repress your true wants, needs, and desires, all so you can fit in and find “success.”

But can you truly find success while wearing a mask of someone you’re not? I don’t think so.

I believe that there’s more to your life than the constant hustle, grind, and stress that you’ve accepted as normal. I believe that there’s more to your life than pretending to be someone that you aren’t, all because you’re afraid of not making it. There is more to life than settling, there is more to life than fear, there is more to life than struggling mentally, financially, or physically, just to still never have enough.

There is more for you and your life than you ever thought was possible.

The way to make it your reality is to actively work for more, but not in the way that you’re used to.

In this work, be prepared for more.

There is more connection to your true self, needs, wants, and desires.

There is more purpose to your thoughts, and your actions.

There is more happiness, positivity, and gratitude in your day.

There is more love for yourself, your fellow humans, and the beautiful world around you.

And there is more you. True, unapologetic, beautiful, worthy AF, confident YOU.

It all begins with you, your belief that there’s more, and your willingness to find it.

I’m here to be your support on this difficult and painful journey, and to guide you through the work that’s in front of you, lying between you and more.

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