How’s it going? I’m Molly

I’m a millennial on the other side of her quarterlife crisis, just trying to figure things out. I have made quite a few shifts in my life in the past 3 years since 25, including a career change and total mindset reset, but I’m still not at that sweet spot yet.

I have an awesome career, the world’s best and most supportive fiancé, and two of the goofiest dogs known to the world. I have a great life, and for that I’m eternally grateful, but there’s gotta be more out there.

What I’m looking for is that spark to life, that spark that allows me to truly begin living again, rather than waiting for life to happen to me.

That is what this blog is all about: My journey back to adventure, and my journey back to living. I’m excited to take y’all on this beautiful journey with me.