Who is Molly?

What’s up, y’all? I’m Molly.

I love my dogs, I love my husband, I love Disney World, I love watching cooking shows, and I love my purpose.

What’s my purpose? To awaken as many lovely womxn as I can to the beautiful power and magic they and their lives innately hold. To guide as many womxn as possible to release the weight and expectations of the world, and to embrace their own true and unique gifts, allowing them to live the life they’ve always wanted.

Why is this such an important mission to me? That’s easy, I’ve lived through it.

I went the one size fits all route. I went to college, I graduated with a degree, I started a career in my field, I found the one size fits all success. But it didn’t matter because that size didn’t fit me.

The mismatched size was clear early on in my life, yet no one knew what to do about it. Rather than explore why I felt anxiety around going to school or being away from my family, I was told that I was weird and made to feel like a nuisance and an inconvenience. Rather than get to the root cause of my stage fright and overall fear, I adopted the identity of shy and relied on that to keep me from branching out. Rather than entertain the idea that I may not be suited for what everyone expected of me, I was told to suck it up, this is what you do, and I kept going.

After 25 years of panic attacks, depressive episodes, and all around feeling like I was an alien living among happy and successful humans, I snapped. I couldn’t pretend like I was happy anymore, I couldn’t pretend like I was enjoying my life or being in it, and I couldn’t pretend that everything was fine when I felt like I was slowly dying.

This mental snap, or my quarterlife crisis as I like to call it, was the most painful experience of my life, but also the experience I am most grateful for.

Why? Because this snap showed me just how far off course trying to fit in was for me. My mind had been screaming at me for so long to just pay attention to it, but for years I ignored it. I assumed that the solution to my problems would be found in a new job, a new boyfriend, or a new apartment. I never once thought that I could heal myself, just by going within my own body.

My now husband Craig is the start of my entire journey. He was the first person to say to me “hey, you’re not fucked up, you’re just a stranger in your own body.” He was the first person to validate my feelings, and give me some tangible tools to start my healing process. From that moment on, it was game on. 

Over three years, I have taken big leaps, uncovered traumatic memories, and healed so many fear based wounds that have laid in my head and held me back for so long. It was not an easy journey, or a quick one, by any means, but it has been so worth it. To look back on my growth and to see how much I’ve embraced the unique gifts I have to offer the world warms my heart, and reminds me of how powerful our own selves can be. It’s not a simple or easy process, but it brings so much beauty on the other side. 

In the course of three years, I went from a depressed and anxious personal trainer to a self aware, connected, and loving mindset and growth mentor. I went from living in my own version of hell, to truly living the life of my dreams. My healing process has given me my life, and allowed me the freedom to truly live it, for the first time.

This is why I am so passionate about helping you reclaim your innate beauty, power, and magic. We are all unique individuals, being crammed into a one size experience. I understand the pain and confusion this can cause, and I am here to be the person that validates your experience, hears your struggles, sees your potential, and celebrates your true and unique existence.

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