When I say progress…

I mean it. This week, I actually have my car to tool around in. My dude is up North for the week, making his dreams come true, so I have the freedom to go where I please. Like most things, it wasn’t this simple: the car needs an oil change and the brake lights went […]


Over the weekend, some big shifts and realizations were made, y’all. I went to the beach with my dude and my puppers on Saturday. I love taking my dogs to the beach, they just love the adventure and they so deserve a few hours of just fun, as a reward for sitting in the apartment […]

Weekly Ts&Rs

Last Saturday, I got to go adventure with my dude. Our first real date, almost three years ago, was kayaking. In the past three years, we’ve gone to the beach, we’ve taken the dogs, we’ve gone on road trips together, but we’re only gone back kayaking once. Until Saturday when we finally went back on […]

The only limit is…

One of my favorite quotes is “the only thing to fear is fear itself.” I think I’ve actually already used the quote in a post of this baby of a blog, only having what? Four posts? That’s how you know it’s real love, baby.  But anyways, that quote got me thinking. If the only thing […]


My morning routine is my favorite time of day for me. Every aspect of it is relaxing, I feel centered AF when I’m done, and, if we’re being super real, I wish it could go on forever. My routine always consists of: a full French press of coffee (currently transitioning to more decaf because the […]

Week One Ts&Rs

Ts&Rs?? Thoughts and Reflections, babe! I didn’t have a car, but ya girl found ways to get around! This was a solid week for exploring Molly, much more so than the first few days at least.  On Tuesday, the original plan was to take my man to work and then take the car to go […]

Let’s Talk About Fear

Speaking with total honesty, it’s been the only thing on my mind the past year of my life. In the past year, I have taken more risks and pushed past my comfort zone more times than I ever have in my life. I have invested heavily in myself and my development, started a new business, […]

And we’re off! Sort of…

During the week, my exploring and adventuring is limited. I share a car with my fiancé, and he works Monday through Friday, 8-4 at the very earliest, with a 40 minute drive home. I go for a walk around my neighborhood and go sit by the lake in my apartment complex, but that’s the extent […]

Just One Thing

Who would’ve thought that watching City Slickers with my man on a Wednesday night would be such a life changing experience? *insert billy crystal gif here* To say that I related to Billy Crystal’s character would be a total understatement. With every word he said, facial expression he gave, and action he took, either I […]

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